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Our staff are all professionals with years of fitness experience. We have a ton of trainers for you to choose from. Each brings their own fitness specialty and unique training style, but all are committed to ensuring safe and effective workouts. Let us match you with the perfect trainer to achieve your fitness dreams.

Kristine Eckley

Quick Kick
Quick Stretch
Strength Circuit
Mindful Yoga

Kristine Eckley is one of the owners at The Studio and has become a "jack of all trades" around here. She is a proud Colorado native--born and raised. She is passionate about making connections and not only building, but empowering the community. She teaches kickboxing, yoga, and circuit training, but really is just a lover of movement--helping people feel good and have fun. She has various certifications and also offers other services in that regard, including happy life coaching and one on one training. Her passions include nature, her family (including her fur-babies) and laughing out loud. She can't wait to meet you!


Aubrey Jensen

Quick Kick

The Studio makes me come alive because I love the people here. I see them come and go through the years, but time proves them authentic, loving, hard workers. Collectively and individually the people here are why this place works. Why we keep coming back. That and kickboxing is the most fun you’ll have while working out in my opinion.

"I love to teach people, and watch them improve. I tend to be playful and sarcastic, but I genuinely care about everyone here.  Teaching is a get away for me, and usually the best part of my day. I always look forward to coming here."


Megan Dodds

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Our in-house nutritionist who offers a free consultation with any trial or membership purchase and assists us in bringing you educational workshops and challenges. She created a 10-day clean eating/detox challenge for only $10 which includes a shopping list and helpful information along with support during your 10 day cleanse. 

"I love getting people fired up & pushing people out of their comfort zones! I'm also extremely passionate about educating people on their bodies and how nutrition can help them reach the next level & feel energized again."


Kelsey Mueller

Prenatal Yoga

Kelsey Mueller loves using yoga to help people feel good inside and out! She is a RYT 200 and RYPT with Yoga Alliance. Specializing in prenatal yoga Kelsey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to expecting moms! With four children of her own, she saw the need for yoga in our youth, she loves bringing yoga to schools and studios, teaching children mindfulness, body awareness, kindness, and body positivity! Kelsey teaches prenatal, postnatal, vinyasa, kids and family yoga. Her classes aim to bring a smile to your face and a seed of self love to your heart!

"I love teaching yoga because I love bringing out the best in people body and spirit!"


Jazzy Del Valle

Boot camp
Quick Kick
Strength Circuit

Jazmine is a highly motivated kickboxing enthusiast who enjoys participating in the success of her students.

Training for 10 years and coaching for 3 years, Jazmine has seen firsthand, the success that can be achieved when the environment is friendly and the atmosphere is fun and welcoming. Jazmine teaches techniques and combat philosophies that not only help you maximize your caloric burn but that also translate to real world self defense, which ultimately creates a self confidence that spills over into all aspects of your life.


Ivory Woolhiser

Gentle Yoga

Ivory is a Colorado native, a fiery Scorpio and enjoys music, long-boarding and nature. She started her yoga practice at 14 and has since been addicted to the empowerment and fulfillment that results from physical activity. She sought instruction when she was 19 and the next year went on to get her teacher certification. Her favorite part of teaching is the satisfaction of serving her students. She wants them to experience the bliss that she has experienced through yoga. She believes it is the most effective way for her to serve humanity, and she loves to share what she loves.


Josh Nichols


Josh has been teaching weight lifting for 15 years and has been teaching kickboxing for about one year, but specializes in both. He’s been a part of the studio for two and a half years. His favorite thing about being a trainer is helping people reach their goals. 
Years at Palangi - 2.5
Favorite thing about being a trainer - I love to help people reach goals.
Specializing in - Boxing techniques, and lifting.
Fun Fact - I used to train horses when I was a teenager.


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